Casa Monte


Living in a village.

Getting to know the real Italy.

There's something very different about staying in a village.

Something very special.

You become a neighbour, a friend, or a regular at the bar for a morning expresso and a weather update from the bar owner.

You buy your fresh produce from the local market and swap recipes with the local ladies.

You can’t walk five paces without being greeted by a smile and a “Ciao!”

You’re walking because you don’t need a car. Everything you need is right here at home in your village.

This is the real Italy.

And you’re a part of it.

Casa Monte.

Just a few steps away from the main piazza, down via Cesare Caporali, you’ll find

Casa Monte.

Over the centuries, this has been home for many Panicalese families as it was built in a part of the town that dates back a thousand years. The current owners have lovingly restored the house to blend traditional charm with modern convenience. This is a home that will sweep you off your feet.

There are three luxuriously appointed levels, complete with state of the art appliances and modern necessities, which set Casa Monte apart from any other form of accommodation in Panicale. It was designed from the ground up specifically for the traveller who appreciates the finer things in life. Especially those who love their food.

One whole level was designed for the entertainer in you. An elaborate kitchen, fitted with restaurant grade appliance and utensils can easily cook up a storm, and yet those doing the cooking are still part of the action. Meanwhile friends can help unwrap the spoils of your morning’s market adventure, and liberate that precious bottle of red. And speaking of wine, there’s even an extra wine fridge relieving the main fridge for equally important items like fresh fruit, vegetables, salumi and cheese.

The colour theme of the house was created to introduce the colours of the Umbrian landscape; the ground floor is the green of the ubiquitous olive trees whilst the middle level is the gold of the caressing sun. And finally the upper level reflects the blue and white of the heavenly, drifting skies.

And when the long day is over, each of the three bedrooms offer a custom built enormous bed that some have described as the most comfortable bed in the world. All bathrooms are appointed with large, full pressure showers, (a rarity it would seem in Italy), and in the main bathroom, there is a bath tub designed to soak your jet lag away.

Situated on the ground floor is a fully equipped laundry with washing machine, drying machine and a third toilet.

This is a home that is bright and airy in summer, yet warm and cosy in winter. It comes complete with a large widescreen SMART TV, multi regional DVD player and a DVD library. The house is also totally WiFi for those that need wireless broadband access. The owners have even supplied a Bose SoundDock for guests who travel with their iPods.

Casa Monte is perfect for couples who wish to use it as a base to explore Umbria and Tuscany for a week or more. And for those lucky enough to spend more time, it makes the perfect place to be inspired to write, paint, cook, taste, or learn Italian. Or all of the above.

But enough reading. Welcome to Casa Monte.

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