A village that celebrates life.


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The festivals, the music, the food and the wine.

The people of Panicale are some of the warmest and most welcoming people you’ll ever meet.

They love life.

It would seem they need very little reason to throw a festival or a celebration. They love their food, their wine, and their music. In the summer months, the main piazza is filled with candle lit tables for people to enjoy the free open air jazz, classical or world music concerts.

Three and four day festivals are always springing up either in Panicale or its neighbouring hilltop towns. At these festivals you’ll indulge yourself in magnificent wine, succulent local cuisine and music that people travel the whole world for.  

And there’s no rest for the wicked. In the winter months, the concerts and plays continue in the piazza or in one of the seven churches in the town.  Truffles and Porcini mushrooms return to the table as the food continues to evolve and local menus change according

to season.

There is always something going on. But when the night is over and the last couple leave the piazza and drift back to their home, Panicale falls under a silence that has to be experienced to be believed. This is a peace and tranquility as you’ve never felt before. Of course you’re going to need it, as tomorrow is another day.